Bare trees against a dramatic sky
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Gallery: a January selection

I started this year with the intention of doing the 365 challenge, taking and sharing at least one photo a day. Having seen a reference to Blipfoto as a platform for this, I signed up; only to find that what I thought was free membership actually carried a fee after the first month. Sneaky!

So I abandoned Blipfoto and with it my short-lived challenge. Instead, pinching an idea from fellow blogger S J Butler, I thought I would share some of my favourite January images here. Maybe I’ll repeat this exercise in future months, but I’m not holding myself to that!

Technical notes

Some of these shots were taken with my compact Panasonic Lumix and some with my phone. Some are straight out of the camera or with minor adjustments; others have been quite heavily edited with Nik Color Efex, or in one case Nik Silver Efex. It’s pretty obvious which ones have been ‘fiddled with’!

  • Gold figure on a column
  • Green bird eating a nut in a tree
  • Large grey bird in a tree
  • Large building lit by the sun, carousel in front
  • Black and white photo of an old house with a pond in front
  • Centre of purple flower
  • Slightly drooping yellow tulip
  • Deep pink flower
  • Vase of pale blue flowers and fairy lights
  • Looking up at a bare tree
  • Faded red tulip
  • Silhouette and shadow of a man in front of bright lights
  • Large seed head


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