The Friendly Friday Challenge: how to join in

The Friendly Friday Challenge is a fortnightly challenge co-hosted by me, Sandy from the Sandy Chronicles, and Amanda from Something to Ponder About.

Every other week one of us will post a topic to inspire a post featuring a story, one or more photos, or anything else that captures your imagination. Each challenge runs for two weeks, from Friday to the following Thursday week, when the new prompt is released. So you can post once, twice or as many times as you feel inspired to do by the topic.

Sandy, Amanda and I will take turns in posting challenges.  Keep notified by following all our blogs at the Sandy Chronicles, Something to Ponder About and Travel with Me.

How to join the challenge

  • Write a post responding to the challenge and tag it with ‘Friendly Friday’
  • Include a URL link to the current Friendly Friday Challenge post on the host’s blog within your post (this is a pingback; note that links to a homepage will not issue a pingback)
  • As an option, you can include the latest Friendly Friday Challenge logo, which you can download here.
  • Copy the published URL of your post, into the comments sections on the host blog where the Friendly Friday prompt was published, so that other readers can find and read your response – please make a point of doing that on my posts in particular as pingbacks are very erratic here!
  • Visit other Friendly Friday entries by following their links
  • Follow the hosts’ blogs to see future Friendly Friday Challenges

The benefits

  • Showcase your photography and/or writing
  • Be inspired to create more diverse posts
  • Challenge your creativity
  • Make new blogger friends
  • Build a blogger community