River view with modern city buildings
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Gallery: city living in London

There is no getting away from the fact that I am a city girl at heart. On my travels I wonder at stunning landscapes (mountains and deserts in particular). And I’m always thrilled to observe wild animals in their natural homes. But I couldn’t live anywhere other than a city. I like to be close to the action: to galleries, cinemas and restaurants. And I enjoy the buzz of city streets and the diversity of modern city living.

Of course in these strange times, much of what I love about city life is closed to me. My regular treats of coffee in a local café, a visit to a gallery or an evening at the cinema remain tantalisingly out of reach. But I know that they are out there somewhere, waiting for me …

City view with people on bench in foreground
London from Parliament Hill

So the world I offer you a glimpse into for this week’s Lens-Artists challenge is my ‘normal’ world, a gallery of some of my favourite images of my home city London.

As always, you can simply scroll through the montage or click on any image for a slideshow of larger shots.


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