Deer with large antlers sitting on the grass
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Gallery: the letter D in black and white

Guy Gagnon, French photographer

Usually I like to choose a theme for my black and white galleries. Maybe a particular country, or a subject such as flowers or buildings. But sometimes it’s fun to mix it up a bit with an assortment of rather different shots.

However a bit of structure helps to focus the mind! So as Leanne hasn’t set a theme this week for Monochrome Madness I’m doubling up with Cee’s May alphabet challenge to feature the letter D. Cee allows us to use the letter anywhere in the word, but I decided to make life a little harder for myself by concentrating on words beginning with D!

I’ll be taking you from my local park to North Korea, from Mexico and the United States in the west to Nepal in the east, via Senegal, Oman and India. I hope you enjoy the journey!

Do also check out Leanne’s Monochrome Madness page to learn more about this fun challenge. Maybe you’d like to host a theme from time to time? If so, do contact Leanne via her page.

All my images were shot originally in colour and edited with Silver Efex Pro.

Seeds of a dandelion


Face of a dog with long hair

Dog in a café in St Helier, Jersey

Deer with antlers standing under a tree

One-humped camel on a sand dune

Carving of Ganesh on a wooden door

Woman in traditional dress sitting by a brick wall

Woman in traditional dress in an elegant pose

Lamppost with street signs in English and German

Street sign in Leavenworth, WA, whose town centre is modeled on a German Bavarian village

Military sheds and a large modern building

Spout in the shape of a dragon's head


Dragonfly on a rock

Slim dove with speckled neck wading in shallow water

Four fins sticking out of the sea


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