Dark red flower
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Gallery: looking closely at Nepal

I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them

Diane Arbus

I would never claim to be the only person to have noticed the things I photograph. But I do believe I often photograph things that not EVERYONE has noticed, or thought to photograph.

When I travel I of course photograph the famous sights, the landscapes, the architecture. But I also like to capture small details that, while perhaps not unique to the country, are part of my personal memories of it.

I’ve called this post ‘looking closely at Nepal’. But this isn’t really about looking closely at that country, if I’m honest. No, this is simply a collection of some of my favourite close-up shots from our time there, ones that probably won’t make the cut for posts about specific places because they could be anywhere. Most are flowers, a few are butterflies. Some I recognised, others I have named where I can, but one eluded my research. Please let me know if you can identify that one, or if I have any of the others incorrect!

I’m sharing these for Cee’s Midweek Close Up or Macro challenge.

Five petalled white flower


Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge

Hanging red flower

Pendulous Sleeping Hibiscus

Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge


Temple Café, Patan’s Durbar Square

Yellow pompom flower

Deep pink flower with long stamen



Deep pink flower in close-up



Bright yellow flower

Sulfur Cosmos


Spiky red flowers

Calliandra or Powder Puff Tree

outside a roadside restaurant on our way to Pokhara

Purple trumpet flowers

Morning Glory

near the Pokhara Peace Pagoda

Allamanda near the Pokhara Peace Pagoda

Pink trumpet-like flower

Small spiky mauve flowers

Growing in the hills near Pokhara

(can anyone identify please?)

Brown butterfly on a cloth next to an apple

Euthalia Nais (aka the Baronet)

gate-crashing our picnic in Bardia National Park

Brown butterfly on a bright green fern


Tiger Tops Karnali Lodge

Yellow butterfly on small yellow flowers

Common grass yellow, on (I think) Acmella

Tiger Tops Karnali Lodge

I visited Nepal in October/November 2022


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