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Gallery: more than a feeling

Helen Keller

Claire is our new host for Monochrome Madness and she’s come up with a cracker of a challenge this week! She asks us to dive ‘into the realm of emotions’. As many of you know, I enjoy taking candid people shots, so I decided to concentrate on a more literal interpretation of the theme, hunting through my archives for images of people who I feel are displaying a range of emotions. I hope you ‘get’ what they’re feeling!

The exception is my feature photo which was taken at Tuol Sleng, the infamous former Khmer Rouge interrogation centre in Phnom Penh, now a museum. No one who visits this place will do so without experiencing a range of emotions from anger to pity to horror and more.

Do also check out Leanne’s Monochrome Madness page to learn more about this fun challenge. Maybe you’d like to host a theme from time to time? If so, do contact Leanne via her page.

All my images were shot originally in colour and edited with Silver Efex Pro. For some I’ve used a sepia or copper filter to heighten the sense of age.

Group of young people in traditional dress, all smiling


Man looking out of a shop window

Shop keeper in Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Woman in front of a small shrine in a brick wall

Couple about to kiss

Couple posing for a wedding shoot

Small boy jumping to catch bubbles

Girl peeping from behind a door

Two women holding babies and talking together on a street

Woman wading across a river carrying a baby and with a small girl beside her

Crossing a river in northern Laos

Small boy eating a cracker

Girl on a park bench


Man with a drum

Man sitting smoking

Girl reading a book at a cafe table


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