Large pink flower
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Gallery: in the pink in Colombia

A profusion of pink roses bending ragged in the rain speaks to me of all gentleness and its enduring

William Carlos Williams

I don’t have any roses to show here, nor indeed any rain, but I do have pink flowers in abundance.

A number of you seemed to enjoy seeing my Colombian orchids recently. Now Denzil gives me an excuse to share some more flowers from that beautiful country in his ‘Pink’ nature challenge.

A Hibiscus in full bloom seems as if giving off light; it has a luminous quality that calls out to you

Wangari Maathai

There are several different hibiscus flowers here, as that’s one of my favourites and I can never resist photographing it. Nor can I, it seems, resist sharing it, as a couple of these have already appeared in my Villa de Leyva post!  But I’ve also thrown in some bougainvillea (another favourite), and a handful of more unusual finds.

Talking of rain, the early March weather is particularly miserable in London right now. If you’re still in the grip of winter and yearning for warmer weather I hope these will give you a lift, as they did me, and put you ‘in the pink’.

Pale pink flowers

Double hibiscus on a coffee farm in Armenia

Pale pink flower

Double hibiscus in Villa de Leyva

Deep pink flower

Single hibiscus in the main plaza in Finlandia

Large pale pink flower with a bright centre

An unusually coloured single hibiscus at our Cayena Beach hotel

Small pink flowers in a cluster

Bougainvillea at our Cayena Beach hotel

Small bright pink flowers

Bougainvillea in Villa de Leyva

Spiky pale pink stems with small mauve flowers

Aechmea distichantha, or Brazilian vaseplant (I think) on a finca near Salento

Large pink bracts and anthers

Anthurium on a coffee farm in Armenia

I visited Colombia in February 2023   


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