Modern building with diagonal lines
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Gallery: follow the lines

A line is a dot that went for a walk

Paul Klee

And we can find them everywhere. Fences, walls, stairs, bridges: when we build we so often use straight lines. And nature too has its share of straight lines, although of course lines don’t have to be straight, and in nature more often than not they aren’t. A line is a line, whether the dot went straight or took a more meandering route.

However for Debbie’s One Word Sunday theme this week I’ve opted to focus on straight lines, as to include curves as well would potentially mean sharing almost every photo I’ve ever taken! My images therefore are, unsurprisingly, all of manmade lines.

So let’s take some dots for a walk and see where they lead us.

Modern building with diagonal lines

The Musée Albert Kahn, Paris

Another view of the Japanese-inspired building in my feature shot, which houses Albert Khan‘s photo archives. Despite appearances, this isn’t a black and white shot.

Bright yellow shipping containers used as a building

At Trinity Buoy Wharf, east London

Trinity Buoy Wharf is a cultural hub on the Thames, based in a mix of old brick warehouses and brightly painted repurposed shipping containers. It was developed on a once derelict site formerly home to the workshops of Trinity House, the organisation responsible for Britain’s lighthouses, lightships etc.

Metal girders in the sea

Road running under concrete beams

High Level Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne

This is a double level bridge with the railway on the top level and this road running beneath it.

Symmetrical image of bridge arches and suspension cables

The Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

In my view (and that of many others) the most beautiful of the bridges spanning the East River and linking Manhattan with Brooklyn.

Looking up at a suspension bridge with people on it

Looking along a narrow bridge among trees

Zigzag stairs up a rock face

Diagonal lines on a wall and a tree in front

Lichen covered fence

Small section of railway line and old carriage

Silver coloured railroad car

Old railroad car at the Santa Fe Railyard, New Mexico

The railyard is an arts, culture and community space developed around the Santa Fe Depot.

Tracks of a vehicle on a snow covered road

A snowy road in the Lofoten Islands

Taken on a brief visit to the islands on the last day of May, the eve of meteorological summer!

Simple fence on a beach with plants growing

Wooden planks with a lizard peeping between them

Leaded window with squares of coloured glass


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