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Gallery: the wheel turns and turns

The wheel turns and turns and turns: it never stops and stands still

Anita Desai

Wherever I’ve been in the world I have of course found wheels. Simple cart wheels, bicycles and motorcycles, and of course cars; most of us rely on wheels to get around.

So for Debbie’s One Word Sunday this week, here very simply is a gallery of photos taken all over the world, from the US and Colombia in the west, via European and African countries, to India and on to North Korea in the east. Maybe wheels are yet another example of the many things that unify us, despite our cultural differences?

Woman siting on a plastic chair next to a bicycle propped against the wall

On the streets of Cartagena’s old town, Colombia

Young girl standing by a bicycle and man crouched next to it

Father and daughter plus bike in Kaesong, North Korea

Man seated on the ground and another on a stool by a parked bike

Trolley wheel and bicycle wheels in the Jemaa el Fnaa, Marrakesh

Bicycle being ridden while piled high with straw baskets

You can just make out the bicycle wheels and rider beneath this pile of baskets on a road near Delhi!

Bicycle leaning against a railing with lots of posters

Bicycle parked in the university town of Cambridge, England

At a scarecrow festival in Yorkshire, England

Scarecrow figure on a bicycle with model of ET in the front basket

Pink moped parked by a large garage door

A scooter in Gubbio, Italy

Motorbike parked outside a coffee shop

Outside a coffeeshop in Greenwich Village, NYC

Lady in a sari walking past a row of parked tuk-tuks

Tuk-tuks in Sadri, Rajasthan

Red fire truck and stormy sky

An old fire truck in Elizabethtown, New Mexico

Steering wheel and dashboard of an old car

Steering wheels are wheels too; in the Route 66 museum in Santa Rosa, New Mexico

[see more photos from that museum here]

Pile of tyres wrapped in yellow plastic and an old office chair

Tyres at a car workshop in Salalah, Oman

In the Rue Riad Zitoun el Jdid, Marrakesh

Man with a horse and cart on a narrow street

Man and boy on a cart pulled by a large horse

In a rural village near Sibiu, Romania

A couple on a cart pulled by a horse

Travelling to the market in Ngueniene, Senegal

Three people in a cart pulled by two horses

On a road somewhere in the Namib Desert, Namibia

Wooden cart on a cobbled lane

Farm cart in Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria

Row of old wagons in front of log cabins

A line of old wagons in Old Trail Town, Cody, Wyoming


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