Bee on yellow flowers
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Gallery: finding peace in the park

Like many Londoners (and indeed town dwellers worldwide) I discovered the pleasures of our local park during the pandemic lockdowns. Whether on our permitted visits to the shops or on the also permitted daily walks close to home, Walpole Park was our refuge and our delight.

Since then I have continued to visit regularly. It is still our preferred route to the shops, and it’s convenient when we just need a little fresh air. It’s also a great option when I feel like getting out with my camera but don’t have a lot of time to spare.

I already shared a brief history of this lovely park in a previous post, A Neighbourhood Walk. That post showcased the park in the autumn, so for Denzil’s Nature Photo Challenge this week I decided to take a walk there this morning and see what I could discover to share. I found some lovely trees, beautiful flowers, bees, ducks and even a fish!

But a park wouldn’t be a park without the people, so even though this is a nature challenge I’ve included a few of them too – and their dogs!

Of course with the people and the dogs comes a certain level of activity so you wouldn’t come here if for true peacefulness you need solitude. But for the city dweller a park like this is the closest we come to nature on a daily basis. And as I enjoy a bit of people-watching just as much as I enjoy nature, Walpole Park is peaceful enough for me.

Although I visit this park at least weekly, all these photos were taken today!

Stoner bridge surrounded by trees, grass and rushes

Bridge by the more natural of the two ponds in the park

Small tree with bright green leaves
Small tree with bright green leaves

A favourite tree, seen from two angles

Large grey fish with open mouth

Carp in the more formal of the ponds

Black and white duck reflected in water

Tufted duck in the same pond

Bee on yellow flowers
Bee on yellow flowers

Bees on laburnum

Tall yellow flower
Tall yellow flower

Yellow flags by one of the ponds

Tall purple flowers

And a purple iris nearby

Spray of purple flowers


Dark pink single rose

Dog rose

Pale pink single rose

Dog rose

Cluster of white blossoms among dark leaves

Hawthorn aka May Tree

Woman sitting on a patch of grass surrounded by trees

A quiet spot

Man sitting on a log with a dog and woman passing with pram

Time for a rest

Black dog with a stick in its mouth

Dog among the daisies, with stick

I visit Walpole Park frequently; all these photos were taken in May 2023


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