Purple flower against a bright green backdrop
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Gallery: a November (and October) selection

No sun — no moon!

No morn — no noon —

No dawn — no dusk — no proper time of day.

No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease,

No comfortable feel in any member —

No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees,

No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds! —


Thomas Hood

With a description like that of the past month, is it any wonder we often choose to go away at this time of year? To be fair, that was written in the early 19th century and our Novembers (perhaps thanks in part at least to global warning tend not to be so bad these days. While recently it has been very grey and dull, we still have some leaves on the trees and flowers still bravely hanging on in the garden. And it has been so mild for much of the past two months that some trees have got confused and blossomed again. They include a horse chestnut in our local park that is flowering while its neighbours have lost all their leaves and are completely bare. Most bizarre!

Still, as I said, we like to go away and this year was no exception. At the end of October and through the first part of this month we were travelling in Nepal. So I missed last month’s Changing Seasons challenge and am bundling the two past months together.

Inevitably Nepal will dominate, but I’ve tried on the whole to pick shots that haven’t already made it into (or were differently edited) for other posts. A couple you may recognise from monochrome versions in an earlier post. And I suspect that you will see some of the others again in the future!

Of course there are some photos from earlier in October, but since we got back from our holiday my camera has stayed at home and my phone mainly in my handbag. I had so many photos to sort from Nepal that adding to them seemed to be just a bit too much to take on! Inevitably as I’m covering two months here (and with an amazing trip to document!) there are more images than usual. Feel free to skim or even to stop halfway!

Technical notes

The local shots were taken with my phone or with my compact point and shoot Lumix, which is easy to slip into a handbag. But for all my Nepal photography I used my new Panasonic Lumix FZ330. It’s a bridge camera, ideal for travel photography in my opinion as it combines ease of carrying with a great lens and flexibility of settings.

As always I am linking my selection to Ju-Lyn’s and Brian’s Changing Seasons challenge.

  • Headlamp on an old pink van
  • Large mural of woman and two identical small girls
  • Cluster of small fungi
  • Statue of a winged archer against an orange sky
  • Mountain range seen from the air
  • Cushion with quote from the Buddha and marigold garlands
  • Man wading across a river with buffalos
  • Two elephants in a river with sun setting behind
  • Small boat silhouetted on a river at sunset
  • Distant mountains with dawn light
  • Pink flowers and blurred outline of temple roof
  • Single large red flower on a long stem
  • Small Buddha carving on a wall draped in marigold garlands
  • Part of a red flower with sun shining through
  • Mural of monk looking at large blue Buddha face
  • Bush with pink flowers and distant mountains
  • Lake with reflected trees, houses and mountains
  • Abstract green reflection patterns
  • Mountain view with blue roofed houses
  • Branches with pink flowers against a blurred distant mountain
  • Neon sign saying I have mixed drinks about feelings
  • Tree silhouetted against a hazy red sun
  • Brown dragonfly on a twig
  • Two young women in traditional red dresses
  • Men in traditional hats taking photos on their phones
  • Black and white photo of a flower


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