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Welcome back to Paris

When you first arrive in a new city, you can’t wait to get out and explore. There are new sights to be seen, new experiences to be had. But if it’s somewhere you’ve visited many times before there isn’t that urgency. New sights can wait for tomorrow. Today, on arrival, your desire is rather to reconnect, to regain that sense of feeling at home. And for me, in Paris, that means a walk by the Seine.

On our most recent visit we arrived in a September heatwave. For the first time, we’d chosen to rent an apartment. It was tiny, and was to prove less than perfect, but one thing it certainly had going for it was location, right on the Rue de Seine near Saint-Germain-des-Prés, our favourite part of the city.

Once we’d settled in and unpacked we made a beeline for the river where we hoped to pick up a cooling breeze. Our walk took us along the Rue de Seine, past its many fascinating galleries, most showcasing either African and Australian Aboriginal art, or contemporary artists.

On the Rue de Seine

It was certainly a bit more comfortable down by the river, and lots of other people obviously felt it too. The quais were lined with sun-worshippers as well as others taking advantage of patches of shade provided by bridges and trees. It was a great area for some street photography.

We followed the Quai to the Pont Neuf and on to the Ile de la Cité where I took the photo of the statue of Henri IV already shared in my ‘postcard’. In our favourite Place Dauphine we had a rather messy fast-melting ice cream!

In the Place Dauphine: boules and the Palais de Justice

We then walked through the flower market which was relatively cool and shady. The Wallace Fountain there was in great demand, as they were all over Paris during our stay.

In the flower market

We stopped to check progress on Notre Dame, as we’ve done on every visit since the fire. They are making good progress, as the Friends of Notre Dame website reports:

Then we crossed back on to the Left Bank for more photos on the streets around the Place Saint Michel followed by a much-needed beer stop!

Yes, sorry Jo, but it was definitely an ice cream and beer day, not coffee and cake. But I hope you’ll enjoy this ‘Monday Walk’ just the same!

I visit Paris regularly; these photos are from my recent September 2023 trip


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