Looking from a station platform into a tunnel
Paris,  Postcards from the road

Postcard from Paris: le Metro

A year ago we were in Paris, on our first trip abroad since the pandemic had started. It felt strange, but good, to be travelling again after almost two years.

Looking from a station platform into a tunnel
Direction Montparnasse

Fast forward one year and we are in Paris again. That’s not a coincidence; our wedding anniversary is in early September and why not celebrate it in a city we both love? In the interim we have had three other foreign trips, to Seville, to Costa Rica and to Faro. But now it seems time to pick up the pace and start travelling again more frequently. It also seems a good time to start a new series here, sending you all occasional postcards from my travels.

This particular postcard was shot in the Metro station Montparnasse Bienvenue, after a visit to the Tour Montparnasse. The view from up there was fabulous, so look out for a gallery post once I’m home and can edit the shots properly.


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