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Gallery: meet me on the corner

(and farewell to Friendly Friday)

Meet me on the corner,

When the lights are coming on,

And I’ll be there.

I promise I’ll be there.


A favourite song from a favourite band (who incidentally take their name from a favourite place).

Down the empty streets,

We’ll disappear into the dawn,

If you have dreams enough to share.

There is something about the idea of a corner. Who knows what might be around it? Whether on a city street or a quiet country lane, there is a sense of anticipation about what might be revealed.

And yes, a corner is a good place to meet because it stands out, a landmark on an otherwise unremarkable road perhaps.

Amanda has challenged us to share turning points. As mine is a travel and photography blog I’m taking her literally and sharing some turning points, aka corners, that I have encountered in different parts of the world.

Man with a horse and cart passing a blue building

Turning a corner in Trinidad, Cuba

Mother and children walk round a corner with a bright green house

A street corner in Tarrafal, Santiago, Cape Verde

Two men sitting outside a shop with dresses hanging

Hanging out at a corner shop on the Rue Riad Zitoun el Jdid, Marrakesh

Orange painted houses seen through an arch

A corner near the Musee Dar Si Said, Marrakesh

A quiet corner of Arpino, Italy

Man walking up a street of old houses

Cobbled lane and colourful timber and stone houses

A back lane corner in Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria

A little pig on a corner on the island of Joal Fadiouth, Senegal

Woman carrying a basket on her head, passing a small pig

Girl in blue dress looking around a corner

Peering around a corner in Narlai, Rajasthan

Motorbike laden with bags turning a corner

A busy corner near the West Lake, Hanoi

Wall with propaganda signs

And a quiet corner in a rural village in North Korea

Pastel houses and a cobbled street

A corner in Tallinn’s upper town, Toompea Hill

Brick building with faded bank and cafe signs

In the almost ghost town of Magdelena, NM

Car parked by a bend on a road through forested hills

A bend in the road on the way to Taos, NM

Looking through a car windscreen at a bend in a rough road

No way of knowing what is around this corner on a road in the Hat Mountains, Oman!

Farewell to Friendly Friday

Symbolically we can talk about ‘turning a corner’ when a situation changes, often for the better. Someone who has been ill is on their way back to good health. We start to see our way through a problem that has been worrying us. By turning that corner we are also turning our back on the past and looking to a different future.

But of course, often we are leaving something good behind us. In this post I am bidding farewell to the Friendly Friday Challenge. I’ve only been co-hosting a relatively short while, a little over a year, but it’s been such a pleasure working with Sandy and Amanda. Along the way I’ve introduced you to some of the interesting people I’ve met on my travels. And I’ve shared some thoughts about what makes a good photograph. But the greatest pleasure of all has been seeing everyone’s responses to the challenges I’ve set. Thank you all.

In particular, thank you to everyone who responded to my last challenge:

What next?

A few people have been kind enough to say that they’ll miss my photography ‘rules’ posts, so I may come up with occasional ones on those lines in the future. And of course, not knowing what might be around the many corners ahead, I may well host or co-host a challenge in the future. But for now I’m looking forward to the freedom to post without a fixed timetable, as I hope to make up for time lost to the pandemic and fit in some extra travels over the next few years.

So farewell to Friendly Friday, but not to blogging of course. I hope to see you all around – maybe you’ll meet me on the corner?!


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