Sculpture of a dachshund dog by the water's edge
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Gallery: seeing Norway in black and white

Black and white is abstract; colour is not. Looking at a black and white photograph, you are already looking at a strange world.

Joel Sternfeld, US photographer

Welcome then to the ‘strange’ world of northern Norway, where June feels more like January in London and where the photographic rewards are great if you’re happy to brave the chilly fingers needed to press the shutter!

Last week I shared some black and white images of the Norwegian landscape for Leanne’s Monochrome Madness challenge. This week’s selection is a potpourii of other shots ranging from architecture to sculpture to candid street shots. My feature photo is of a sculpture in Tromsø entitled ‘Waiting for his sea captain’. I think it fits well with Cee’s CBWC theme this week of ‘Lost or Left Behind’.

I’ll link to Leanne again too if she posts later this week but I think she’s taking a week off.

As always, all these photos were shot originally in colour and edited with Silver Efex Pro. Where I’ve previously posted the colour version I’ve included a link.

Man playing the accordian

Street musician in Trondheim (you can see the colour version here)

Man in fancy dress with mountain backdrop

Arctic Circle crossing ceremony on the MS Nordlys, with a crew member acting as the Norse god of the north, Njord

Sculpture of a mother crouching with two children

Sculpture in Bodø (again, there’s a colour version here)

Another sculpture by the waterfront in Tromsø, very near the dog in my feature shot

Row of sculptures of figures with strange heads

Sculpture of a man with a harpoon

The Arctic Hunter statue in the centre of Tromsø, with snow on the mountains behind

Delicate black and white flowers

Spring flowers in the cathedral grounds, Tromsø (I think a type of tulip)

A couple on a bench in front of a corrugated metal house

A quiet corner of Tromsø

House near the Arctic Cathedral, Tromsø

Side of a small corrugated metal house

Dramatic triangular modern building with a large cross on the front

The Arctic Cathedral in Tromsø (there’s a colour version here)

The side wall of the Arctic Cathedral; this one wasn’t included in my earlier post

Diagonal panels on a wall with a bare tree

Man in a cap looking out of a window

Captain of the Hermes II, an lovely old boat which we took for a ride around Tromsø Island

Water rushing past rocks

A stream near Grøtfjord on Kvaløya Island

Sepia image of various old kitchen utensils displayed on a wooden table

And to finish, I’ve given this display of old kitchen utensils in the Full Steam museum, Tromsø, a sepia treatment

I visited northern Norway in late May / early June 2023


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