A subway station platform seen through columns supporting the roof
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Gallery: pick a word (January 2023)

Good words are worth much, and cost little

George Herbert

How do we define a ‘good word’? One that is appropriate for the situation? One that does good rather than harm? Or one that sounds good when we hear it spoken or read it aloud? Perhaps even all three?

Paula certainly picks good words for her monthly Pick a Word challenge. And this month is no exception. She has had me puzzling over my archives, choosing which five images will match her chosen words. This is what I came up with; see if you agree that they ‘fit’.

This month’s selection will take you to:

  • A small town in New Mexico
  • Beautiful Hoi An, Vietnam
  • A subway station in New York City
  • The Algarve coast of Portugal
  • And Tallinn, Estonia

As always I haven’t stuck only to Paula’s five words, although I do try to be succinct while also giving a bit of context to my choices.


Wheel-shaped sculpture in bronze with small figures and scenes around the rim

The Wheel of History

This sculpture stands in a small park in the centre of Socorro, NM. It was created in the late 1990s to illustrate the history of the town.


White fluffy cat on a lead being geld by a woman

Taking her cat for a walk in Hoi An, Vietnam

She was happy for the cat to pose but hid shyly behind him.


A subway station platform seen through columns supporting the roof

Canal St. Station, NYC

A different perspective on the New York Subway, with the columns creating a sense of depth.


Aerial view of long thin islands in the sea at sunset

Coming in to land at Faro Airport, Portugal

The Ria Formosa lagoon is formed by a string of barrier islands running along the southern coast of Portugal. In the foreground is Ilha do Farol (with the Cabo de Santa Maria Lighthouse), and beyond it the Ilha Deserta.


Silver arm-less mannequin with blue hair

Discarded mannequin in Tallinn, Estonia

Not only does the poor woman lack clothes, she also lacks arms!


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