Blue and turquoise mosaic
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Gallery: feeling the blues


Here is a shell for you

Inside you’ll hear a sigh

A foggy lullaby

There is your song from me

Joni Mitchell, Blue

It is hard not to look at blue and feel calmer. Blue is cool and relaxing. Pale blue is tranquil, peaceful; while dark blue suggests strength and power.

Blue also indicates intelligence and responsibility, which is perhaps why it is the most popular colour for business logos. It’s also the preferred colour of social networks; it’s no coincidence that Facebook and Twitter both use it, they want us to trust them.

Here for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge is a gallery of favourite blue images captured all over the world, and avoiding for the most part the obvious choice of blue skies.

Skyscraper reflecting blue sky and white clouds

A skyscraper in Osaka, Japan, reflecting the sky (so OK, yes, indirectly a little bit of blue sky!)

Beach hut painted with blue sky and white clouds

A beach hut in Whitstable, Kent – some more blue sky!

Whitstable Oyster Co sign on blue painted wood

Still in Whitstable, here’s a shed belonging to the famous oyster company based there

Small blue boats moored in low water

These boats are moored at the mouth of the Ouseburn, a tributary of the River Tyne in Newcastle

Flaking blue paint and a padlock

This is a detail of the door of a boat house in Woodbridge, Suffolk

Detail of blue door with ornate knocker
Detail of blue door with small hand-shaped knocker

Two more blue doors, from Paris on the left and Albufeira in Portugal on the right

Small blue-painted bird house

Another one from Paris – a bird house hanging on the fence of a front garden, on a lane in the pretty La Mouzaïa district

Church name and religious image on blue and white tiles

And another from Albufeira, a sign on a church in the old town

Timbered building with blue painted panels

This is a detail of the corner of a half-timbered old house in Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria

Flaking blue painted wall

Another house detail, this time in Bundi in Rajasthan

Looking down at blue-painted houses

Looking down on the blue houses of Jodhpur from the Mehrangarh Fort

Blue-tiled minaret

The minaret of the summer mosque at the Kukhara Ark in Khiva, Uzbekistan

House with blue door and shutters

Like several others in this gallery, I’ve shared this before, but it’s too perfect for this theme not to repeat – a house on Train Street in Hanoi, Vietnam

Blue gourd with a handle

This gourd is used to scoop indigo dye in Phoe Taen Akha, a minority tribe village in Laos

Basket with chunks of blue dye

More dye, this time on sale in the Place des Epices, Marrakesh

Spiral staircase with blue and white mosaic tiles

This beautiful little staircase is in the Musée Tiskiwin, Marrakesh

Large mural of a blue lion

I had to have one piece of street art – this is in a car park in Sofia, Bulgaria

Blue ice with white swirls

I spotted these ice formations on a winter visit to the waterfall of Seljandsfoss in Iceland

Seascape with dramatic rock formations and boats

Let’s finish, appropriately, at dusk in Bai Tu Long Bay, Vietnam – much quieter than neighbouring Halong Bay but still with several cruise boats at anchor


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