Collage of three landscape photos
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Gallery: changing environments around the world

The environment is everything that isn’t me

Albert Einstein

My own ‘natural’ environment is a city. I grew up in London and have lived there most of my adult life too. I enjoy the buzz of city life and the easy access to a wide range of restaurants, museums, galleries and other culture. And I like the convenience of having the essentials such as public transport and shops almost on my doorstep.

I can’t imagine living anywhere that didn’t have these pleasures and conveniences at hand!

But when I travel I like to experience totally different environments. I want to see how others live and be taken out of my comfort zone. So for Tina’s Lens Artists challenge this week I want to explore some very different environments, including the very different animals (and sometimes the people) who live in them.

As I sorted these photos (some of which I know I have shared previously) it struck me that many overlap. We can find water in the desert, areas of open grassland in the jungle. And I realised how many were taken in various national parks and reserves around the world. A reminder that natural environments will only stay that way if we protect and look after them.

As always, a click on any photo will open a slide show.








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