Yellow dahlia with raindrops on the petals
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Gallery: favourite nature and landscape photos of 2021

One of the many things I find difficult about photography is self-appraisal. Choosing my BEST images is often a challenge; but ask me to choose my favourites and the task becomes a little easier … but only a little!

That is the Lens Artists challenge set this week by Tina. Rarely one to do things by halves, I’ve decided to present you with a short series of themed posts over the coming week, each with a selection of my favourite images taken in the past year. Some have featured in previous posts, many have not.

My chosen themes reflect some of my favourite subjects for photography:

  • Nature and landscape
  • City life
  • People
  • Details
  • Miscellaneous (basically a cop-out so I could include some that didn’t fit anywhere else!)

Nature and landscape

I noticed while going through the year’s images that was a shortage of landscapes, which is usually a favourite subject. Then I realised that this must be due to the lockdowns of the first part of the year when I didn’t get out of my immediate suburban area. Nature however there was aplenty!

My opening feature photo was taken in late June, in a park in Shrewsbury. The remaining images, below, are all in chronological order.

Pair of colourful ducks

Mandarin ducks, Bushey Park in west London, March 2021

Trees, one of them with pink flowers, reflected in water

Magnolia tree, Bushey Park in west London, March 2021

Single large pink flower

Magnolia in an Ealing garden, March 2021

Bluebells and yellow flowers

Bluebells and celandines in South Ealing cemetery in April

Close-up of a dandelion head

Dandelion in Lammas Park, Ealing, April 2021

Robin perched on a tree trunk

Robin in Walpole Park, Ealing, May 2021

Pink rose with ladybird

Dog rose in Walpole Park, Ealing, May 2021

Small tree on a grassy hillside

In Cardingmill Valley, Shropshire, June 2021

Robin on the ground

Another robin, this one in the same park in Shrewsbury as the dahlia featured above, June 2021

Rock formations with small tree

At Brimham Rocks, Yorkshire, August 2021

Green fields intersected with stone walls and a few trees

Drystone walls near Malham Cove, Yorkshire, August 2021

Tree trunk and orange leaves

Autumn colour in Kew Gardens, October 2021

River with brown trees and cloudy sky

The Thames in Brentford, West London, December 2021

Meanwhile, looking ahead to 2022, I’ve decided (possibly madly!) to attempt the 365 challenge, taking and posting a photo a day for the whole year. You can find and follow my efforts on Blipfoto here:


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