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Gallery: a street artist at work in Paris

We only occasionally get the chance to watch a street artist at work. Somehow these works of art seem to appear almost magically on our streets, created perhaps overnight while we sleep? Some of course take many hours, even days, to complete. But others are much simpler and while they may have less impact still brighten our day.

On our recent Paris trip, as we sat having lunch in a café near the Stalingrad Rotunda, I spotted a street artist working on an old building by the nearby canal. His art consisted of applying pre-cut strips of coloured paper to a bricked-up window. Although very different in style, his use of the window reminded me of the pieces we’d seen a few weeks before in Knaresborough.

I snapped a few photos from my seat as he worked, and when we’d finished our meal we went over for a closer look. I’m not sure if this piece would even have caught my eye had I not seen its creation, but having done so I thought it would be interesting to share for this week’s Photographing Public Art Challenge.

  • Man working on a small mural
  • Man working on a small mural
  • Man working on a small mural
  • Small mural of a blue and mauve cube

And here are some more examples of street art spotted on this latest visit to my favourite city. They range from the tiny to the huge, from monochrome to gaudy colour. There were too many for one post so I’ll save some for a few weeks’ time.

I last visited Paris in September 2022, when all these photos were taken


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