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Gallery: a September selection (2023)

It was a lovely afternoon – such an afternoon as only September can produce when summer has stolen back for one more day of dream and glamour

L.M. Montgomery

September has certainly brought me not just a lovely afternoon but an entire lovely month, in several ways. The weather improved considerably compared to July and August, with a mini heatwave at the start of the month. I had two fantastic trips abroad and some fun activities closer to home too.

The first trip was our by-now annual visit to Paris for our wedding anniversary. I’ve already posted quite a bit about that visit, with no doubt more posts to come, but I’ve included a few random shots here. Our time in Paris coincided with that heatwave, so we were perhaps less active than usual. However we still got around a fair bit.

The second trip was to Chicago, to get together with Virtual Tourist friends for a meeting that was originally scheduled for 2020. You can guess why that didn’t happen! It was great to see some people I hadn’t seen for many years and to make a couple of new friends too. And I really enjoyed exploring the city and a few places beyond. More to come in future posts but as with Paris I’ve thrown in a few shots here.

In between those two trips there was a visit to a wonderful wildlife centre showcasing UK wildlife, where we enjoyed a dedicated photography day. That’s where I took my feature photo. He may look like a domestic tabby but he’s a Scottish wildcat!

And there was time too for a cinema visit (Past Lives) and a couple of meals out, as well as our usual walks in local parks. Since getting back from Chicago a few days ago I’ve been busy editing photos of course. Oh, and trying to get over the jet-lag! I think I’m just about there with the latter, but still have a mountain of photos to edit.

Technical notes

Most of this month’s photos were taken with my Lumix compact. However the two local ones are phone shots while at the wildlife centre I used my Lumix bridge camera. All the shots were edited in Photoshop Elements and many also in Color Efex Pro.

As always I am linking my selection to Ju-Lyn’s and Brian’s Changing Seasons challenge.


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