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Gallery: a May selection (2024)

Among the changing months, May stands confest

The sweetest, and in fairest colours dressed.

Edmund Spenser

Most years I would agree with Spenser. Yet this year our dreary spring has continued into this, one of my favourite months, with only a few brighter days. We did have one glorious weekend in the middle of the month, with temperatures more like summer than spring. But we also had more grey days and more wet ones. Only towards the end of the month did things start to improve and the days get warmer and sunnier.

Still, the earlier disappointing weather didn’t stop us getting out and about. At the start of the month we went up to Newcastle for a few days as a friend was visiting from Germany. It was great to catch up with him and we had fun getting out and about during the days and enjoying good food and drinks in the evenings. We even had one day of warm sunshine during our visit! My feature photo is of a small boat moored in Ouseburn, Newcastle.

Back at home the middle part of the month was quieter. We took advantage of that summery weekend to visit Kensington Gardens where we enjoyed the wildflowers growing in front of the palace.

At the end of the month I travelled to Split in Croatia to meet up with Virtual Tourist friends ahead of the annual group meeting in Kotor. I am posting this from there, so photos taken in the last few days will be held over until my June round-up. However there was a sneak preview in my recent ‘postcard‘ for those of you curious about that trip!

Technical notes

Most of these shots were taken with my compact Panasonic Lumix, including those in Newcastle and Kensington. A couple were taken on my phone. Most have been at least a little edited with Photoshop Elements and some more heavily edited with Nik Color Efex. I must credit Sue of Words Visual with the inspiration for the ICM train shot after she shared some taken from a coach.

As always I am linking my selection to Ju-Lyn’s and Brian’s Changing Seasons challenge. Use the arrows to navigate the slideshow if you want to see all the images.


  • equinoxio21

    Sorry about the weather. I guess that’s the UK for you. Other’s fate is generally no great consolation. here in Mexico we’re frying… The rainy season is almost a month late, so as we go into summer, temps are above 30C most of the time…
    Wasn’t there a song about “praying for rain”?
    If the UK could bottle up its rain, and Mexico could bottle up its heat, we’d make millions…

    • Sarah Wilkie

      May is usually a lovely month in the UK – there lies the frustration! I think it’s more a case of ‘there’s global warming for you’. They tell us this May was the warmest on record but it was so dull and wet it didn’t feel that way. Now in June we have more sun so far but it’s colder than usual this week!

      • equinoxio21

        I thought – from a distance – that May would be a good month in your neck of the woods… Well, better luck next year.
        It must be frustrating for movie directors who have too many sunny scenes in their scripts? Do they extend shooting till the following year?

  • wetanddustyroads

    Ha, when I look at that bunch of (young people?) in the sea at Tynemouth, you guys had lovely warm weather 😀! And even the California poppies bring warmth to your post. Beautiful photos … and wishing you a hot (or at least sunny) summer!

    • Sarah Wilkie

      Ah, you don’t know how tough our North East youngsters are, used to braving the North Sea which can be chilly even at the height of summer! In May it would always be cold, even if the sun were shining 🥶

  • Anonymous

    Glad you were able to escape the dreary weather for a few days in Newcastle and also on Split and Kotor. Sounds like you needed it!

    • Sarah Wilkie

      Thank you 🙂 We had fabulous weather in Split but I can’t say the same of Kotor where we had a lot of rain! And Newcastle is rarely better than London and quite often a little worse – we don’t travel there for the weather!

    • Sarah Wilkie

      Thank you Rose 😀 I loved the ‘Note to self’ and had to capture it so I could read it again in the future. The same person has left other poems around the city, I’ll share more when I get the chance!

  • Ju-Lyn

    ❤️❤️❤️ “Note to self: run amok, fear not shame … brush your teeth, go again”. Humorous, and right on the nose!
    You managed to capture sunshine and delight despite the weather – glad you were able to catch up with friends.

  • Suzanne

    I love that quote on the wall, totally agree. Funny old weather patterns at the moment or it this the new normal? Enjoyed the gallery, thanks Sarah.

  • Ingrid

    Beautiful collection of photos. I especially liked the floral images. And who would have thought that California poppies could be found on your side of the pond! 😁

    • Sarah Wilkie

      Thank you Ingrid. California poppies don’t actually grow wild here although they are popular garden flowers. But their seeds are often included in these wildflower scatterings and they seem to thrive

  • sustainabilitea

    With a slide show, it’s hard to remember which photo especially caught my attention. I recall the bike installation art, the poppies, and the car as part of the Italian restaurant. I really enjoyed the “Thankful” boat name, a good reminder for all of us. We’ve not had dreary weather here in Arizona, where the sun has been shining continuously and temperatures have breached 100 degree Fahrenheit. I’d trade a bit of sun for some clouds and rain. 🙂


    • Sarah Wilkie

      Thanks Janet – I know what you mean about a slideshow but on the other hand I guess the ones you remember are those that made the strongest impression. Seems none of us is ever completely happy with the weather hand we’re dealt!

  • Anne Sandler

    Even though we are an ocean apart, our weather seems to be the same. We left winter to probably reach triple digits F today. Loved your pictures and had to look up “mew.” This blogging community teaches me something new every day!

        • Sarah Wilkie

          Mews applies only to a row of houses that has been converted from what were once stables for the upper class houses in what is now a parallel street. They had accommodation above for grooms etc. which today has become smart and desirable homes. The former stables may either be part of that home or turned into a garage. What you call row houses, we call terraces or terraced houses. I live in one, but it was never a mews!

          • Anne Sandler

            Well, so much for research! Here in the west, we don’t use the term “row houses.” We use “town houses.” I have to remember how new the US is compared to Europe, especially our western states. Blogging offers us the opportunity to see the world, and understand it better, when we can’t travel.


    And now they’re trying to tell us that it was the warmest May on record…huh??? Since we’ve been back (22nd) it’s been nothing but cold (and wet). It’s June 1st and there’s no way it’s warm enough to sit outdoors with a beer…and we still had to put the heating on for an hour yesterday! We liked Kotor as well as Split, it was sultry when we were there. Lovely little town except when one of those floating blocks of flats rolls into town.

    • Sarah Wilkie

      Kotor is hardly sultry at the moment, it’s been cool amd rainy. But better weather is promised for tomorrow 😀 I know exactly what you mean about those hulks, they’re far too much for this small town!

  • restlessjo

    You answered my question. I assumed you travelled to Newcastle by train. I could feel the movement. Ouseburn, Shields, Tynemouth… they all have such character, don’t they? Of necessity, cos they rarely have the weather.

  • bushboy

    A quick fire visit with flowers, art and life in Newcastle. I love the B&W Swan, the Dandelion and the train scene. Isn’t it funny how the women stand in that cold water with their arms half raised and the blokes just standing.
    Thanks for joining in The Changing Seasons Sarah 😀

  • margaret21

    A lovely varied month with many changing moods. A great selection of b/w too – or is that just the weather? I almost feel guilty at my last 2 1/2 weeks of wall-to-wall sun!

    • Sarah Wilkie

      Thank you Margaret. I’m sure the weather did influence my choice of B&W for some shots but no need to feel guilty – we all deserve our turn in the sun!

  • Teresa

    Love the flowers especially. Help me forget about the cold weather that we are having tight now.

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