Books on a market stall
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A postcard from Tirana: the flea market

Books on a market stall

Tirana’s flea market

Enver Hoxha’s regime may be a thing of the past but traces of it remain in odd corners, such as this book spotted in the city’s flea market.

Tirana’s flea market is an appealing mix of stalls selling almost anything from military badges to Enver Hoxha memorabilia; German LPs to old radios; cameras to carvings from (it appears) China to Africa and elsewhere; clocks, compasses and kitchen equipment. Mixed in with these are several stalls of sometimes tacky souvenirs. A Mother Teresa fridge magnet as a reminder of your time in Albania, perhaps?

Alongside it and sharing the same roof is a produce market with wonderful fruit and vegetables, as well as stalls selling garden plants. Normally these would have the attention of my camera, but I can’t resist a flea market and delighted in finding quirky corners to photograph. Imagine how pleased I was later to discover that Patti had chosen ‘Still life‘ as the topic for this week’s Lens Artists Challenge!

So here are a few more images from the same market, to supplement the ‘postcard’:

I’m cheating a bit as we got home from Tirana a few hours ago, but as I started this post while there I’ll include it in my ‘Postcards from the Road’ series


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