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Gallery: on New York City’s streets

I wanna wake up in a city / That doesn’t sleep

Where better to take candid street photos than New York City? It is one of my favourite cities, and has a buzz unequalled anywhere else I have visited. It is like being on a movie set. The skyscrapers and streets provide the perfect backdrop for the constant ebb and flow of people.

Give me such shows — give me the streets of Manhattan!

Walt Whitman

There are a number of plusses to street photography here. The streets are full of people, most of them in a hurry, and they have better things to do than worry about you and your camera. Other tourists are constantly taking photos, you are just one among many. And even if you are noticed, most people won’t mind. This is a city created for extroverts, who want to stand out from the crowd and be noticed.

So for this week’s photo challenge from Cee, on the theme of Catching people unaware, let us head to the streets of Manhattan – oh, and Brooklyn too!

I last visited New York in 2008, which is when all these photos were taken  


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