Red, yellow and purple tulips
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Gallery: tulips from London, not Amsterdam

When it’s spring again I’ll bring again

Tulips from Amsterdam

With a heart that’s true I’ll give to you

Tulips from Amsterdam

Songwriters: Ralf Arnie / Ernst Bader / Klaus Guenter Neumann / Batia Sharon

While many people head to Holland to see the tulips, we have London’s Holland Park. There the Dutch Gardens are planted with formal beds edged with low hedges and overflowing with tulips every spring.

The park was once part of the grounds of Holland House, established in the early 18th century and opened to the public in 1952. Its best-known area is the Japanese-style Kyoto Garden; however there is much more to discover, including these beautiful formal gardens. They lie nearest to the house and were remodelled in the 19th century. This Dutch Garden forms one section, edged by a lovely old brick wall, formerly part of the 17th century stables.

All the photos below, shared for Denzil’s Nature Photo challenge, were taken in May 2022, as we haven’t yet got around to visiting this year. A few have been shared in in the past, I know. But I’ve not previously got around to devoting a whole post to this glorious riot of colour. See if you can spot the tiny bugs in a few of them!

Beds of tulips and a woman in a sun hat
Red and deep purple tulips
Deep purple tulips
Bed of deep purple and yellow tulips
A yellow and a deep purple tulip
Centre of a deep purple frilled tulip
Single white tulip
Backlit red tulips
Red tulip with forget-me-nots
Single red tulip, backlit
Centre of a red and yellow tulip with small insect

I visit Holland Park often; all these photos were taken on my most recent visit in May 2022


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