Three ceramic figures with long beards and moustaches
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Gallery: three is an odd number

This is the third time; I hope good luck lies in odd numbers…There is divinity in odd numbers, either in nativity, chance, or death.

William Shakespeare, The Merry Wives of Windsor

It’s a long while since I joined in the Thursday Trios fun, but today I stumbled across a folder of mostly odd objects in groups of three that I’d put aside for that challenge. The word ‘odd’ has two definitions:

  1. different to what is usual or expected
  2. (of numbers) not able to be divided exactly by two

The items in this collection of images are pretty random and some are definitely odd. Really the only thing that unites them is their threeness, although coincidentally there are three sets of very different pigs!

My featured photo was taken in Hoi An, Vietnam, in one of the traditional houses there open to the public, Phung Hung. The remainder are from all over the world, from Zimbabwe to New York City and from Iceland to Japan, finishing at home in the UK.

Three carved wooden dolls in kimonos

For sale on a stall near Senso-Ji temple in Asakusa, Tokyo

Three drums made from embossed leather

On a market stall in Senegal

Cushion with images of three men, advertising a hair salon

In a shopping mall in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Three t-shirts hanging from a rail with slogans

T-shirts for sale in New York City

Three large model pigs on a pavement viewed from the rear

Outside a shop in the Meatpackers district of New York City

Three model puffins

In a souvenir shop in Reykjavik, Iceland

Three plastic pig toys

At a butcher’s stall in Leipzig market, Germany

Three soft toy pigs wired on to the back of a bicycle

Fastened to a bicycle in Lucca, Italy

Three plastic toy ducks in different outfits

In the (rather dirty) window of a houseboat on the Seine, Paris

A spade, a fork and a watering can against a brick wall

In the grounds of Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, England


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