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Gallery: seeing Ealing in black and white

It is very difficult to say nowadays where the suburbs of London come to an end and where the country begins. The railways, instead of enabling Londoners to live in the country have turned the countryside into a city.

Anthony Trollope

That’s probably as true today as when Trollope first wrote it. Certainly it was the advent of the Great Western Railway in the mid nineteenth century that led to the scattered villages of Ealing, Gunnersbury and Pitshanger merging into unbroken residential areas, centred around the new station in what is now Ealing Broadway.

That is a much-shortened version of the history of my home suburb which I told in a previous post: Ealing, the Queen of the Suburbs? Today, for the Monochrome Madness challenge*, I thought it would be fun to share some black and white edits of photos I have taken in and around Ealing over the years.

My feature image is of Ealing’s Victorian Town Hall, a black and white edit of the feature photo from that previous post. You’ll spot some more edits from that post’s images below but also some that I hope will be completely fresh. The only thing they have in common, apart from location, is that I thought they might look good in monochrome!

* I see Leanne isn’t posting this week so I’ll add a link to her challenge at a later point!

Looking up at modern apartment blocks

New development of apartments in Dickens Yard, Ealing Broadway

Art Deco cinema beneath a dramatic sky

Frontage of a cinema in Ealing Broadway; closed down in 2008, the long-awaited reopening has been promised for this autumn

Wooden arch leading to brick and half-timbered houses with AD 1900 above the door

Almshouses in South Ealing

Stone church with a square tower in a graveyard

St Mary’s Church, South Ealing, from the churchyard at the rear

Wooden gate and square church tower

Lych gate of St Mary’s Church, South Ealing

Memorial in South Ealing Cemetery

Stone figure of a young angel

Crooked gravestones under a tree

In the older section of South Ealing Cemetery

Straight path between trees with leaves on the ground

A path through Walpole Park in the autumn

Couple walking on a path past large trees

Walkers in Walpole Park

A sunlit corner of Walpole Park

Trees with backlit leaves

Split tree trunk with broken branches

An ancient cedar tree damaged by Storm Eunice in February 2022, Walpole Park

Fallen oak leaves, Walpole Park

Oak leaves lying on a tree trunk

Squirrel on the branch of a tree

Squirrel in Walpole Park

Cat sitting on a windowsill

Black cat and net curtains

A fun weathervane on a local house

Weathervane shaped like a train on a pointed roof

Upper storey of a house with Bricklayers Arms above a window

A former pub, now a home, on the Ealing/Brentford border

Wooden benches with cushions against a brick wall

A seating area in the garden of the Moon & Maybe, our favourite coffee shop, which seems a good place to finish our ‘tour’!


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