Row of small stone cottages
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Gallery: seeing African pathways in black and white

Paul Simon

I’ve used Paul Simon’s song before to introduce a post, but as it’s one of my all-time favourites I have no problem using it again! For this week’s Monochrome Madness theme of ‘roads, lanes and paths’ I’ve decided to limit myself to scenes from various trips to Africa, as I seem to have photographed a lot of paths and roads there over the years.

Not all lend themselves to black and white conversion, but I’ve picked out some I think work well. I’ve gone for a mix of rural paths and urban streets, to show several sides of Africa. And I’ve stretched the topic a little to include some people in the latter as I always enjoy a bit of street photography!

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Dusty track lined with trees and stone walls, children running

In a village in Senegal

Couple on a horse drawn cart

Young girl walking past piled up car tyres

Winding path among tall palm trees

Woman with bowl of fabric on her head passing a motorbike shop

Woman walking past taxi while looking at her phone

Parked car, man wheeling bike and fast food stand

Lots of baboons approaching down a track

Several boar crossing a dusty track

Car parked on a gravel road with low hills

Old woman with a stick passing two boys sitting on a wall

Man and boy walking alongside a high stone wall

Narrow street with horse-drawn cart and people

Busy street with bikes, carts and cycle rickshaws

Two men with bicycles on a tree lined track

Narrow stoney path between trees


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