Several street signs on a lamppost in a city
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Gallery: pick a word (May 2024)

We come too late to say anything which has not been said already

Jean De La Bruyere, French philosopher

Paula apologises for running a bit late with May’s challenge, but I am running later, over a week into June! My excuse is that I was away at the end of the month, but I don’t want to pass on one of my favourite challenges. It’s often tricky but I enjoy the sometimes tricky task of searching out images to match her words.

As always I haven’t stuck only to her five words, as I like to tell you a little bit about each photo. However I do try to be more succinct for this challenge than for most of my posts!

This month my photos will take you to New York, England (Northumberland and Kent), Botswana and Vietnam.


Several street signs on a lamppost in a city


Small islet with a cross

St Cuthbert’s Island off Holy Island (Lindisfarne) in Northumberland

Legend says that this exposed rock was the some-time home of St. Cuthbert while he was Abbot of the Priory on Lindisfarne, as he opted to live as a hermit, separate from the other monks. He died in his cell on the island in 687AD.


River with an orange sky and bird in flight

Sunrise over the Chobe River in Botswana


Statue of a man with a long beard surround by vases of flowers and fruit


Close-up of fur with dark dots

The fur of a cheetah at the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent, England.

The centre is ‘dedicated to the conservation of wild cats, with the objectives of welfare, breeding, education and conservation’. It offers sanctuary to retired and rescued cats.


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