Sign on boarded-up window
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Gallery: London, off the beaten track (urban erosion)

London is a city of contrasts, where famous sights and almost palatial homes can rub shoulders with the worn and neglected. Just as its people are diverse and eclectic, so too are its buildings.

For this weekโ€™s CFFC topic of Urban Erosion, I offer a small selection of images taken in my home city in recent years. It is no coincidence that all of these are from the east of the city, whose neighbourhoods have always been tended to be grittier than their more refined neighbours to the west.

London isn’t just about Westminster Abbey or Buckingham Palace. There are layers of social history all over the city just waiting to be discovered.

Chubb lock on pink painted door
Chubb in Wapping
Rusted letter box
Letters, Trinity Buoy Wharf
Marble bust seen through red-framed window
The Rotherhithe Picture Research Library
Large building with painted sign
Mather’s Whale Oil
Iron ring on weed-covered stone wall
Thames boat mooring, Wapping
Fragment of painted wood
Ship’s timbers, Trinity Buoy Wharf
Graffiti and posters
‘London Rabbit City’, Shoreditch
Stone wign on a brick wall
St Mary’s Rotherhithe ~ the Watch-house


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