Group of ladies in pink saris
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Gallery: La Vie en Rose in Rajasthan

The fashion editor Diana Vreeland once said, ‘Pink is the navy blue of India’ and in Rajasthan I certainly saw why she would say that. Everywhere we went the women were dressed in the most gorgeous shades of that colour.

At home in the UK, pink is sometimes dismissed as a girly colour, a bit weak, even submissive. But the rich shades of the saris worn by these women at Amber Fort (above) belie that. Among all the wonderful colours that I remember from our time in Rajasthan, it is pink – a shocking pink – that stands out.

I hope this collection of images, shared for Terri’s Sunday Stills colour challenge, will show you just why I loved the vivid pinks of Rajasthan so much.

Group of ladies in pink saris with baskets of flowers
Selling flower offerings in the small town of Sadri
Close up of lady in pink sari
At Amber Fort
Lady in pink sari sitting on stone step
In Jaisalmer Fort
Lady in pink sari with basket
At Ranakpur Jain temple
Piles of folded pink fabric
Fabric for sale in a shop in Narlai
Lady in pink sari walking on road with large tin pot on her head
Seen on the road to Jaisalmer
Lady in pink sari with bullocks drawing water
Seen on the road to Udaipur – a traditional well
Man in pink turban with tin pot on his head
In Jaisalmer Fort
Man painting walls a vivid pink
Painting his shop in Jodhpur
Charm hanging in front of vivid pink wall
Hanging from the wall of his shop
Close up of pink flowers on a needle
Threading flowers in Jaipur market
Pink hibiscus flower on an open book
Offering at a small shrine at the step well in Abhaneri

For more Rajasthani pinks, have a look at my post about the people of Narlai village. And for more of my posts about Rajasthan, including Ranakpur, check my archive here.

I visited Rajasthan in 2015


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