Man passing a bright wall painting on a dark building
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Gallery: just passing by (street art)

When I photograph street art I am conscious that for the most part the success of the image depends on the quality of the piece of art itself, and that any creativity involved is that of the original artist, not mine as a photographer. So I often try to create something new by involving a passer-by, or two.

By doing this I can show something a little different, a little extra; I place the art within its context, on the street. And not just art but also posters and advertisements can be presented within their environment as backgrounds to our city lives.

So for this week’s Photographing Public Art challenge please come with me on a tour of some (mostly) European city streets where the people are as much part of the art as the paintings!

My feature photo, by the way, was taken at home in London’s Soho.

Man walking past shutter painted with green garden scene

In Bologna, Italy

Young lady walking past mural with girl's face
Lady walking past mural with girl's face

In Aachen, Germany

Man in a cap passing a mural of a paper boat

In Paris, France

Man walking past painting of an alien

In Paris, France

Mural of a wolf next to a lady at a market stall

In Paris, France

Young man on his phone passing a mural of a fierce face

In Riga, Latvia

Woman with a walker passing a mural

In Leipzig, Germany

Two women passing poster of a beautiful girl
Man passing poster of a beautiful girl

In Leipzig, Germany

Young girl passing a poster of Elton John

In Lucca, Italy

Young boy cycling past a poster of Elton John
Couple with a pushchair passing a large poster of a man

In Lucca, Italy

Man standing next to a model iguana

And I couldn’t resist finishing with something a little different from La Fortuna, Costa Rica


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