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Gallery: following a new path

Walt Disney

This month we are welcoming the return of Becky’s Squares. While understanding completely her need to take an extended break from blogging, it is such a pleasure to have her back and to be able to join this fun challenge again. Her themes for this month include ‘move forwards’ and ‘renew’. The first of these caused me to look back at moments when I’ve caught someone in the act of moving along a path, quite often away from me. Maybe seeing them from behind heightens my sense that they are moving forwards? Or maybe it’s because we can’t see their expressions or guess what they are thinking, so we can imagine that they are looking to the future?

These thoughts led me to pull together these shots of people, taken mainly from behind, whom I like to believe are moving forwards in some way! Some are literally moving, while others appear to be contemplating future movement.

NB As well as squaring these shots, I’ve used Nik Color Efex Pro to add a blurred vignette to many as I wanted to add a sense of uncertainty about their surroundings and future direction. We only know they are moving forwards; maybe even they don’t yet know where.

Two small girls with colourful backpacks

On the streets of Pyongyang, North Korea

A rainy day in Sofia, Bulgaria

Two women with pink umbrellas

Girl sitting on a low wall

In Brighton, England

In the Jardins de Luxembourg, Paris

Man and woman sitting by a pond

Woman and dog sitting by water

By the Canal Saint Martin, Paris

In the Jardins des Tuileries, Paris

Small girl running beneath autumn trees

Girl sitting on a park bench

In a park in Riga, Latvia

Shopper in Tallinn, Estonia

Woman passing a bookshop window

Narrow street with two pedestrians

Back street in Cagliari, Sardinia

On the city walls, Lucca, Italy

Man riding a bike by an avenue of trees

Woman and girl in bright traditional clothing on a village street

Wearing traditional costume in San Antonio Popola, Guatemala

A guide at Telouet, Morocco

Man in long robes walking through an arched doorway

Woman walking through a modern city square

My friend Kirsty in Sofia, Bulgaria

In Montmartre, Paris

Woman walking down some steps

Small boy running up a hill towards a house

In a small village in Wadi Tiwi, Oman

On Playa Mendihuaca, Colombia

Man walking by the sea


  • Annie Berger

    Great subject matter, introduction, and the quote from Disney. I particularly liked the ‘Pretty in Pink’ photo from Brighton and the French lovebirds. Who doesn’t admire a man with a chapeau like that!

  • equinoxio21

    I like people pictures. Yours are very good.
    I took candid pictures in my travels for a while.
    I stopped. Particularly in France and Europe. Too many legal issues… 😉

    • Sarah Wilkie

      Thank you 🙂 The legal issues in Europe are often over-stated. It’s perfectly OK to photograph people in public places on the whole. There are some exceptions in certain countries – for instance I was warned to be careful in the UAE where it is illegal. But for the most part it’s fine, although if an individual sees me and objects I will always put my camera down and delete any shots of that person.

      • equinoxio21

        France is quite strict. And complicated. (But that’s Frogland summed up)
        I think it is a matter of how the photographer feels.
        Otherwise, thousands of the best photographs ever taken would have been illegal. We don’t know the name of the Spanish Republican shot by a bullet as Robert Capa clicked his camera.

  • rkrontheroad

    These moments touched me… I especially like that they are not looking at you, at the camera, but perhaps lost in their own reverie. Great photos, as usual.

  • leightontravels

    I resonate with your observation that some of our ‘special’ travel moments come when capturing what is often an ordinary or even mundane moment of someone’s life. I kinda like that and wonder if somewhere there is such a photograph of me on someone’s phone, tablet or computer. It somehow seems unlikely to me but you never know. Lovely images as always Sarah. This time I am drawn to the ones from Estonia and Latvia as that’s where Sladja and I will be heading (among a few other countries) this summer. I shall definitely keep my eyes peeled for the grandma with the orange hair 😉

    • Sarah Wilkie

      Haha, that grandma was photographed ten years ago so I suspect will no longer be there – or if still there, will have had a change of hair colour by now! And you get around so much I bet there is such a photo of you somewhere! I’m sure you’re going to love Estonia and Latvia 🙂

  • wetanddustyroads

    The photo with the two women with their pink umbrellas … do you think they’re twins? It’s definitely a mysterious photo and make me want to see more! I also like the little kid running in Oman, but as always, all your pictures are lovely and there’s definitely a story waiting to be told with each of them.

      • wetanddustyroads

        Yes, I’ve seen everything match – even the handbags! At first I thought it was a fancy trick of yours to create a mirror image 😊. But maybe it’s quite simple … twin sisters enjoying a day out shopping.

  • Teresa

    Such great and powerful shots, Sarah. Love the firat two photos especially… the little girls in Korea and the couple with pink umbrellas.

  • Alison

    What a wonderful gallery of moving people, I’m in awe. I love the way the background has a soft focus as well. My favourites are the two girls in North Korea and the boy running in Oman. Good take on the theme too.

    • Sarah Wilkie

      Thank you so much Alison 😊 I’m glad you liked the soft focus edits. The North Korea shot was a grab from our coach, I was chuffed to get it!

    • Sarah Wilkie

      Thank you Brian, so glad you like the vignettes 🙂 We’ve never stayed in that part of Paris (we tend to prefer the Left Bank) but it’s lovely to visit for a walk.

      • bushboy

        I like it as it is close to the Place de la République and the five avenues that radiate from there makes it easy to pick a route to explore. Fabulous food and people and not an expensive part of Paris

  • kzmcb

    These are fabulous and many are quite moving (no pun intended). Your introduction was excellent- I could relate to the idea that we’re on holiday, but this is just another day for someone else.

  • Alli Templeton

    Excellent shots, Sarah, and all so atmospheric. They tell a story. Love the dog and it’s owner taking a moment out by the canal in Paris. Wonderful. 🙂

    • Sarah Wilkie

      Thanks so much Alli 😊 It was lovely down by the Canal St Martin that day – a Sunday, so all the locals were out making the most of the fine weather, with and without dogs!

  • Sue

    Love this collection, Sarah! And the vignetting has really worked we here! I especially liked the children in Pyongyang, the two with pink umbrellas In rainy Sofia, and that image of the guide in Telouet

  • Anne Sandler

    Again, wonderful street photography. You’ve got them all moving forward. I especially liked the girls in No. Korea whose backpacks are almost as big as they are.

    • Sarah Wilkie

      Thank you Anne 😊 That N Korea shot was grabbed from our coach and is a bit of a favourite of mine! I know I’ve used it before, probably more than once, but it fitted my theme too well not to include it and at least the squaring makes it look a little different here.

  • Heyjude

    You really are an excellent photographer – every time I see one of your galleries I am in awe of your work. I love the softness you have brought to these shots.

    • Sarah Wilkie

      Aw, thank you Jude 😊 If you have the right software that softness is easy to add – although some may argue that I shouldn’t fiddle like that!

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