Pale blue birds with darker blue wings
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Gallery: feeding the birds of Colombia

Birds are the most popular group in the animal kingdom. We feed them and tame them and think we know them. And yet they inhabit a world which is really rather mysterious.

David Attenborough

Colombia can claim to have one fifth of the world’s birds, an amazing 1,954 species. That said, we saw relatively few of them. This may be in part because we went to the wrong places at the wrong time of year. And in part because we’re not experts and neither did we do any specific bird-watching activities.

Our best sightings were at the Finca Romelia, which we visited mainly to see the stunning collection of orchids. On arriving we were offered coffee on the terrace, with a great view of the farm’s bird feeding area. As they also offer bird-watching tours, their guides are experts and could name for me the different species that visited as we sat sipping our coffee. Or in my case, letting the coffee get cold while I photographed as many birds as I could!

Now Terri’s Sunday Stills theme marking Feed the Birds Day gives me the perfect excuse to share the best of those photos as the promised follow-up to my orchids gallery.

Pale blue bird on a branch with darker blue wings

Blue-grey Tanager

Pale blue bird on a branch with darker blue wings

Another Blue-grey Tanager (or possibly the same one!)

[There are two together in my featured photo, so there were at least two around]

Bright yellow bird with black wings and back

Male Thick Billed Euphonia

Pale yellow bird on a branch

Female Thick Billed Euphonia

Beige and brown bird on a branch

Clay-coloured Thrush

[We also saw a Black-billed Thrush, but I didn’t get a decent photo of him]

Bird with dark spotted wings and pale yellow breast

Red-crowned Woodpecker

[His red crown is hidden in this shot, unfortunately]

Deep blue and grey bird on a palm tree stump

Tropical Kingbird

Two green parrots on a tree's forked branch

Riparian (aka Large-billed) Parrotlets (I think)

NB This is the only bird that I didn’t get an identification for on the day and have had to research. I hope I have the correct name. If there are any bird experts out there, maybe you can confirm or enlighten me!

I visited Colombia in February 2023   


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