Elephant in long grass
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Gallery: animals in their natural habitats

Theodore Roosevelt

And I think we all realise now that if we destroy those habitats, we lose that diversity of wildlife. We know it, but we still don’t make the changes necessary to protect them, or at least, too few changes and too slowly. But maybe just knowing it is a start?

For Tina’s Lens Artists challenge this week let us be hopeful. Let us hope that by celebrating and sharing these diverse and wonderful habitats, and the creatures that live in them, we can add our voices to those who call for their protection. That we can show through our photos just how important it is to keep these habitats for future generations of both animals and people.

I’ve chosen just five habitats to highlight with photos of animals who inhabit them in various parts of the world. Of course I could have chosen many more habitats and very more animals. But these alone show something of the diversity of creatures with whom we share our planet.

My photos were taken in Botswana (including my feature photo), Costa Rica, the Galápagos Islands, Gambia, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Namibia, Nepal and here in the UK. Hover over the images for a caption identifying the animal and location.


Forests and woodlands

Rivers and lakes

Coast and sea

Towns and cities


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