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Fulfilling a promise: a short walk in Paris

So when, on our recent visit to Paris, our friend Pete mentioned that he had promised to send his grandchildren a photo of himself by the Eiffel Tower and to buy them miniature towers, we all agreed to accompany him on this mission.

Perhaps Jo would like to join us too? It was in truth a Wednesday, but I’m sure it would make just as good a Monday Walk! I didn’t taken as many photos as I normally would, being too busy chatting with our friends as well as having very cold hands! But I do have a few to share, although some you may have seen in previous posts.

We took the Metro to Champs Elysées Clemenceau and walked down to the river and across the Pont Alexandre III, taking photos of the view at various points.

To the Eiffel Tower

On the far side we strolled through the pleasant neighbourhood between Les Invalides and the tower, stopping off for a coffee. There were Christmas decorations in many of the shops and strung across the street above our heads. And we had tantalising glimpses of our destination in the distance.

When we reached the Champs de Mars we found it in a degree of chaos, being made over ahead of next year’s Olympic Games. But we got our photos, Pete included, and walked past the tower to the river. It’s many years since I’ve been in this part of Paris, despite our frequent visits in recent years, so I had to capture the Eiffel Tower from a variety of angles, including one with the countdown to this summer’s Olympic Games. There were still a few leaves on some trees to add colour (including those in my featured image).

We had thought about getting the Batobus back, but it was expensive for a short ride so instead we decided to stay in this area for lunch. But before, we stopped to take some photos of the strikingly modern Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Cathédrale de la Sainte-Trinité.

We found a good lunch, sharing some pizzas in the Trattoria Dell’Angelo on the Avenue Rapp, before taking the RER back to Saint Michel. And lunch feels like a good point at which to end any walk!

And as Paris is definitely one of my happy places, and it’s been a while since I linked up with Ju-Lyn, I’m sharing this with her Happy Place, Happy Space challenge too.

I visit Paris often; these photos were all taken in November 2023


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