Blue glacier edge
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Travel dreams

I am passionate about travelling and at the moment, when travel is on hold, I am naturally dreaming of where I will go when we can all travel again.

Don’t you agree that a trip offers three different opportunities for enjoyment? Planning the trip, the trip itself, and collating the memories afterwards (editing photos, blogging etc.)

I can’t do the middle of these right now; but I can blog about past trips, and I can dream about (if not actually plan) future ones.

As clearly I can’t post photos of trips yet to be taken, for my first attempt at joining the Friendly Friday Challenge, with its theme this week of ‘Dreams’, I will share a handful of favourite photos from past adventures. The image at the top of the page is of Glacier Grey in Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park.

Very large statues of North Korean Leaders
Statues of the Great Leaders on Mansudae Hill, Pyongyang

Visiting North Korea last year was an amazing travel experience. It’s somewhere I could never have dreamed of visiting when I first started travelling.

Blue and pink bird on a dead tree
Lilac-breasted Roller, Chobe NP, Botswana

This is possibly my favourite African bird, although I love all the Bee Eaters too.

Rickshaw driver
Rickshaw driver, Old Delhi

A rickshaw ride through the streets of Old Delhi is a memorable experience!


  • Forestwood

    What an excellent interpretation of Sandy’s prompt and I am so very glad you gave it a shot! Pun intended! Lol. I didn’t notice the spectator in the first photo until I read Sandy’s comments. Those statues are ENORMOUS! And the glaciers at Torres del Paine National Park are just ethereal. I always wanted to visit there, but photos are the next best thing. I quite agree on the three stages of a holiday. The planning and anticipation are really an integral and enjoyable part. Hopefully we will see you next week over at my Friendly Friday.

    • Sarah Wilkie

      Thanks so much Amanda, and my apologies for the delay in acknowledging your lovely comments. As with your other comment, this went into my spam folder. I’m hoping now that I’ve ‘unspammed’ them, it won’t happen in the future!

      Yes, I’ll be on the lookout for your next Friendly Friday challenge for sure!

      • Forestwood

        No worries, Sarah. Sometimes the spam filter picks up valid comments. I am happy you unspammed me! The Friendly Friday Challenges are fun – well at least we try to make them so. They are not just about posting a photo although this is fine if you just want to do that. However, if you also want to tell a story with your post, you are most welcome to do so. Sandy and I love stories.

  • SandyL

    A lovely selection of photos Sarah! The Pyongyang shot makes a great statement entirely due to the spectator on the ground. Very impactful.

  • starship VT

    I do whole heartily agree on the three possibilities for travel enjoyment. All great photos from what were obviously fabulous trips! And, knowing you, I’m sure this just barely scratches the surface of the variety and number of memorable trips and dream photos you’ve taken!

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