Close-up of pink blossom
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Gallery: beautiful blooms and bees in close-up

When photographing flowers I like to get really ‘up close and personal’; to peer deep into their hearts. And if an insect such as a bee wants to join me on that adventure, so much the better.

Close-up of red and yellow tulip
Tulip, Ealing, 2021
Close-up of pink flower and bee with pollen
Mallow and bee, Ealing, 2020
Close-up of delicate pink flower
Dog rose, Ealing, 2020
Close-up of blue spiky flowers and bee
Allium, Hampstead, 2015
Close-up of orange flower and wasp
Poppy, Norfolk, 2016
Close-up of pink blossom
Ornamental cherry, Ealing, 2021

Dr B has challenged us this week to see how close we can go. I don’t have any specialist equipment for macro photography so I would define these images as close-ups rather than real macro shots.

The first and last images were taken this week especially for this challenge. But with flowers still in fairly short supply this early in the year, the rest are either taken locally last summer or elsewhere in England in previous summers.

To see a World in a Grain of Sand,

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower

William Blake


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