Italianate garden with statues and a fountain
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Around the world in ten photos: day eight

Garden symmetry

This pretty garden, originally laid out by a wealthy silk merchant, later became a popular beer garden. The small palace to which it belongs bears the name of the brewer who once had his brewery in its cellars and is still owned by his descendants.

Margaret of From Pyrenees to Pennines and Teresa of My Camera & I have both invited me to join them and other bloggers to post one favourite travel picture a day for ten days without explanation, then each day, nominate someone new to join in on the same terms. I don’t usually post a single photo on my blog; I like to tell a story. But for this challenge I’ll resist that temptation and instead play a guessing game with you all. So, does anyone know what city this pretty garden is in?

Italianate garden with statues and a fountain

And the answer is, the garden at the Palazzo Pfanner in Lucca, Italy. The palazzo was built in 1660 for the wealthy merchant Moriconi family who traded in silk. The garden was laid out in the Italian style in the early 18th century by the then owners, the Controni family, who were also silk merchants. In the 19th century a local brewer, Felix Pfanner, opened a beer garden here and later bought the house. 

I realise not everyone likes to be nominated for this sort of thing so I’m not nominating any more people. But if anyone else would like to join in the fun, please link back to this post as I’d love to see your photos!


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