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Gallery: capturing photographers in black and white

When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear

Alfred Eisenstaedt

I’m not sure all of us who take photos feel the same as Eisenstaedt, but it does seem that holding a camera gives a lot of people a sense of freedom. They appear more relaxed, less constrained by their surroundings. So what a great opportunity that is for the rest of us who are also carrying a camera with an eye to some street photography!

I’ll start this contribution to Cee’s Capturing the Photographer challenge with a few from my archives, including the featured image. This is an alternative edit of the one in my recent Friendly Friday challenge post about the use of frames in photography. It was too appropriate for this theme not to include it again!

The archive shots are followed by a couple taken especially for this challenge, at the London Stands With Ukraine march this weekend.

Three people by a river with a selfie stick

Selfies by Tower Bridge

Young girl taking a photo with a mobile phone

At a wedding near Siem Reap, Cambodia

Black and white photo of two men photographing the Eiffel Tower on their phones

Photographing the Eiffel Tower from Belleville, Paris

Two men taking a selfie

Taking a selfie at the London Stands With Ukraine march

Man lying on the pavement with a big camera

Professional photographer at the London Stands With Ukraine march

When Virtual Tourist members get together, cameras are constantly in action, so I’ll finish with a gallery of some of my friends at various meetings over the years.


  • RosalieAnn Beasley

    Most of the time I try to keep people out of my pictures unless they are family. When I take photos of the children competing, sometimes I don’t even see what I have photographed until I see the photo

    But as I’ve gotten older I have become less shy about taking photos of people although I try to do it so that they don’t see me doing it.

    • Sarah Wilkie

      Yes, I prefer not to be seen while taking these photos Rosalie – it’s not just a matter of shyness, I also prefer that people don’t pose for me 🙂 Only a couple of the VT people were aware of me I believe. My friend Isa and I have developed a tradition of taking a photo of each other taking a photo at some point during our meetings 😆

  • restlessjo

    I guess the pro was fair game, and the march was a good opportunity for people shots. Are we near to a cease fire yet, do you think? I wonder that every day.

    • Sarah Wilkie

      Everyone at that march was very happy to be photographed (I think they wanted to be seen to be there) and yes, the pro was fair game I reckon! Ceasefire? Some days I feel we’re inching closer, other days (like today) I fear not 😥

  • Cee Neuner

    Sarah, I so adore you photo of photographers for this week. I’ve always enjoyed taking photographers since they are in their passion.
    You are not too late. Challenges are always open. Though to be considered for “featured” you need to within 7 days of the challenge. And you made that deadline easily 😀

  • margaret21

    Well done! I still feel far too shy about People Photography. So that Eisenstaedt quote doesn’t work for me. And it seems odd in other ways. If I want to relax and really enjoy my surroundings, I leave the camera at home. I guess it proves what I believe, which is that I am a snapshot-ist rather than a photographer..

    • Cee Neuner

      Margaret, it took me a long time to feel comfortable taking people. Zoom lens works best for me. That way I don’t feel like I’m getting in people’s face or intruding.

      • Sarah Wilkie

        Yes, as Cee says, a zoom lens is essential for street photography I reckon. Also I have a swivel LED screen that enables me to frame and take a shot with the camera held on my lap or similarly low down. I’ve also been known to click surreptitiously while walking past a scene and straighten and crop later if I have the person I wanted in frame (which is about 50% of the time!) I have a photo taken that way in the post I hope to publish tomorrow – let’s see if either of you can spot which it is 😆

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